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Formerly Figg’s Eye Clinic, Yakima Eye Specialists was established in 1983 by Dr. Leo Figgs. Although our name has changed, our goal remains the same. At Yakima Eye Specialists, we want the best for your eye health and physical well-being. By integrating the latest technology, professional services, and products in eyecare, we strive to provide you with outstanding treatment, compassionate care, and a great experience today and tomorrow.

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Scott PetersonScott Peterson
23:09 02 Dec 22
Dr. Moon and his staff is exceedingly professional and personable. I did not wait to get in for my appointment and his assistant was friendly and yet tended to business so no time was wasted. Dr. Moon is quite congenial and willing to listen. I would recommend his practice to anyone.
Kayla WhitefootKayla Whitefoot
00:52 10 Nov 22
First off, this place smells amazing! The staff was kind and I felt good through every bit of my appointment. Dr. Moon and his Tech provide a great service and make it easy to feel comfortable through the entire experience.
karen Langekaren Lange
17:41 02 Nov 22
Dr Moon is the best. I have been seeing him for my eye care for many years and followed him to Yakima Eye Specialists. He is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He explains things to you clearly and is very kind and professional. His helper was also very nice.the clinic is always clean and nice. I highly recommend him to anyone.
Connie MeltonConnie Melton
22:11 13 Oct 22
1. I was given the wrong form to update my information. It belonged to another patient. What makes it worse is the form had social security number, name, address, phone number. Not information that anyone wants shared.2. I was told I needed a vision exam and a medical exam. But they could not be on the same because of billing issues with insurance. So I had the vision exam but doctor could not give me details about how the two exams were different. Or what to expect during the medical exam.
Angela DeitrickAngela Deitrick
19:13 08 Sep 22
Best eye care in town! The staff is professional and caring. I have been going here about 6 years now and Dr. Wilkinson is awesome! They take the time to figure out what the problem is and provide solutions and treatments. They explain everything completely in a way you will understand. Highly recommend
Chantel YocomChantel Yocom
16:53 28 May 22
A professional business with a comfortable atmosphere the moment you walk through the door. The dr and his staff have found the oerfect balance of professionalism and compassion which can be hard to find these days. The business is easy to find and i felt secure in their parking lot. I've never had any difficulties when dealing with their billing department. From start to finish has always been a positive one.
Marilyn JohnsonMarilyn Johnson
21:12 30 Mar 22
On time!Everyone very nice and respectful!My Dr made me feel so very comfortable and explained everything she did!The gals who help were so nice and again, explained everything as we went along!Recommend to my friends!
Linda SchmidtLinda Schmidt
19:55 23 Mar 22
My family has come here for years when this was Figg's Eye Clinic. Fabulous then. Today was my first visit since Dr. Figgs retired and they changed to Yakima Eye Specialists.On a previous visit with Dr. Figgs, there was concern that my vision fluctuations were due to droopy eyelids. I was asked to use dry eye drops and drink a lot of water and come back for a refraction, which I did since I did not want to rush to surgery. My new glasses (2 years ago now) sometimes worked great, but sometimes my vision became blurry. So, I came in yesterday because I was beginning to think there was a problem caused by my eyelids. I explained this when I made the appointment.Dr. Figgs had retired, so they had me see Dr. Wilkerson. They were running behind and I felt I was being rushed along, after my 30 minute wait, to make up the lost time. Dr. Wilkerson did the refraction and after a few "lenses" he decided he had my prescription, even though all I could do was guess the letters, not ever seeing them clearly.He didn't address the problem I came in for. I felt my droopy eyelids were affecting my vision. He said that would take another appointment, but that is why I made this appointment! He said I just needed to use the OTC dry eye drops more. He left before I could really explain that the drops never helped my vision the past 2 years, but only helped them feel better when my eyes felt dry. He also said a prescription would cost $1400 and would be no better than the drops I bought OTC. I do have insurance, so why would he assume a prescription would be too costly and not help?Finally, I feel the refraction results are useless since none of the "lenses" made the chart clear. All were either fuzzy or unreadable. Why should I pay $500 for new glasses that would be no better than what I have now? Too bad Dr. Figgs retired. He took care of our family for years. I guess it is time to look for a new eye doctor.
Joseph DiMeoJoseph DiMeo
20:10 17 Mar 22
This was a very good experience for me today. A minimum amount of paperwork and insurance check in w friendly staff. The assistants were very Knowledgeable and pleasant with assessing my eyes. The doctor was very efficient. He was easy to talk to and providing information. Additionally having my eyeglasses made on site made this even easier. I look forward to picking them up in a week or so.
Lynn MaioccoLynn Maiocco
20:01 30 Apr 21
Clinic seemed more organized this visit; even Dr. Li seemed more relaxed. The techs are always kind and helpful - although this time Melanie (?) Melissa (?) seemed rushed and forgot to prop up my feet for my injection procedure (just a tiny detail that makes me more comfortable). I like the option of texts and reminders/feedback by text. I'm feeling more confident in the Clinic.Have been returning to clinic for macular degeneration care as directed. Feeling far more comfortable with care from Dr. Li and his staff. I was concerned at first since his approach is different from former provider, but Dr. Li has inspired my trust in him. The clinic is always friendly and well- organized. I am very grateful to have WMD care in Yakima.Returned on Tuesday to Yakima Eye Specialists. Clinic looks great - it’s been updated with new glass partitions and art. Each time I go, Dr. Li seems a little more congenial. Tina was efficient and friendly; Megan was very kind and efficient getting me prepared for my injection. I hate these injections, but everyone in Clinic tries to make iteasier.

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